Converts SDS Series Two-Wire Controllers to operate conventional 24 VAC solenoid valves.

SIGNAL RelayCubes™ can be connected anywhere an SDS Series irrigation controllers two-wire cable network. A separate 24 volt AC power supply provides power to operate conventional 24 VAC solenoid coils.

RelayCube™ modules each ad an additional 24 outputs to the controller, with the SDS-50 allowing 2 RelayCubes™, and the SDS-100 allowing 4. Unused output addresses are available for DataCoils™, therefore any combination of conventional 24 VAC solenoid valves and DataValves™ is possible.

Bright LEDs indicate valves operating, power on, communication status of the two-wire cable and fuse reset.

A resettable circuit breaker is fitted for field short circuit protection.