DataCoil™ (2-way)

  • The need for valve decoders has been eliminated as a result of a technical partnership with Bermad Water Control Solutions.


    The DataCoil™ was developed to simplify installation, save on cost and increase reliability with superior performance.


    DataCoils™ communicate their status back to the controller every 3 seconds, so at anytime the complete wiring status, valves on-line or faulty valves of a system can be instantly accessed. This patented technology is an industry leading innovation that puts the entire field wiring network at the controller display.


    The correct operation of the coil can also be verified by observing two indicator LEDs located within the coil. The special design of the diffuser lens for the LEDs enables them to be viewed from a standing position.


    The DataCoil™ is of an industry standard size, its design ensures dependable operation in poor water conditions and pressures to 10 Bar.


    With Bermad's legendary control valve and solenoid know-how, and SIGNAL's two-wire technology, the DataCoil™ leads the way in future irrigation valve automated control.


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