How do SIGNAL Irrigation Controllers connect online?

All SIGNAL Controllers are able to connect via 3G, 4G, WiFi and Radio.

In a Two-Wire system, can I use an SIGNAL irrigation controller with any brand of valve?

SIGNAL Two-Wire Irrigation Controllers are designed to work with Bermad valves. As our decoder is embedded into the coil, we have the following solutions for valves from other manufacturers:

Toro/Irritrol: DataCoil fitted with custom plunger
HR/HIT: DataCoil fitted with custom plunger
Rainbird: DataCoil supplied with adapter
Hunter: DataCoil supplied with adapter

Can I fit/design a conventionally wired (multi-wire) system using an SIGNAL controller?

The SIGNAL RelayCube converts the controller from two-wire to multi-wire. Each RelayCube™ adds 24 stations, with a maximum of three RelayCubes total.
Once directly wired, all future rewiring can be done directly through the controller, PC software or Mobile/Tablet Apps.

Will the controller operate DataCoils and Conventional Coils simultaneously?

Yes both conventional coils and DataCoils can operate at the same time. The controller addresses the outputs on the RelayCubes as though they are two-wire addresses, therefore any unused numbers (addresses) on the RelayCube can be used for DataValves.

Can I use any type of pump start relay?

No, the electrical current load on the two-wire cable is kept to an absolute minimum. The SIGNAL PumpNode™ is specifically designed to operate 24 volt AC relays. Recommended relays are the Weidmuller and Omron LY2, available from Technical Irrigation Imports.

Is the SIGNAL DataCoil™ 2-way or 3-way?

SIGNAL currently manufactures three different models of DataCoil:
  1. 2-Way DataCoil
  2. 3-Way DataCoil
  3. 3-Way Latching DataCoil

Can I use any type of moisture sensor?

The SIGNAL Moisture Sensor is suppied complete with an analog DataNode™. The controller features a programmable % set point for SIGNAL Moisture Sensors connected to the system. If a different sensor is used, it can only be connected to a n/o contact input DataNode. The moisture set point will then not be operable at the controller.

Are the Frost programs fully independent of each other?

Yes, the controller has two DataNodes addressed as Frost (1) and Frost (2). Frost (1) activates program 7 independently of Frost (2) which activates program 8.

Can I use the Frost program for any other purpose other than Frost?

The frost program can be used for watering on demand if moisture sensors are connected to both or either of the frost DataNodes. The system " looks" at the sensors every five minutes during the selected active window (watch time), if the sensor is active the programmed irrigation will start on a continuous loop until the sensor de-activates. This function will only occur during the programmed window (watch time) and if that day is programmed on.

Has the SIGNAL Irrigation Controllers passed EMC compliance standards?

Yes, AS/NZS CISPR 14.1:2003.


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