SDS-100 Two-Wire Irrigation Controller

SDS-100 Two-Wire Irrigation Controller

The SDS-100 is the ultimate SIGNAL irrigation controller, with a maximum capacity of 96 stations and the ability to run up to 8 valves simultaneously.

The SDS-100 can activate up to 8 valves simultaneously, as well as increasing the overall capacity to 96 stations.

The SDS-100 is designed for the most simplistic of programs, up to complex requirements for both landscape and agriculture. The design makes servicing possible for the owner-operator with easily accessible replacement plug-in electronic modules.

The unique and patented two-wire communication reports the status of all two-wire devices back to the controller every 3 seconds, for near-instant reference at the controller display or computer software.

The SDS-100 is a new generation of irrigation controller that is up to the minute in design techniques and current technology. As powerful as this compact controller is, it can be serviced on a DIY level due to the plug-in modules for both the microcontroller and output stages. The controller consists of a motherboard, plug-in microcontroller board, plug-in output module and plug-in keypad assembly. LEDs on each module indicate if faulty and in need of replacement.

The SDS-100 controller is supplied complete with power supply, lightning protection module and PumpNode. PumpNodes can be connected anywhere along the two-wire cable to activate pump start relays.

The economically priced model SDS-100 is not compromised on quality and offers a capability not found on competing products many times its price.


  • 96 Station, 96 DataValve™ (or DataCoil™) capacity.
  • Operates up to eight valves at once, inclusive of a master valve.
  • Requires “e” model DataCoil™. 
  • 8 Independent programs.
  • 12 Programmable field DataNodes™ connect directly to the two-wire cable.
  • Moisture sensors (up to 8).
  • Water meters (up to 8).
  • Pause program.
  • Stop program.
  • Rain off.
  • KWH meter (1 only).
  • Frost sensors (2 zones).
  • 7 Direct controller sensor inputs connect to the controller terminal strip.
  • Analog pressure sensor — High, intermediate and low programmable set points and delays.
  • Digital water meter.
  • Low pressure.
  • Intermediate pressure (skips to next station in program sequence).
  • High pressure.
  • Program start.
  • No separate decoders – Decoders have been miniaturised and embedded within the coil.
  • Two-way communication every 3 seconds between all field devices and the controller.
  • Program watering settings in Time, Volume (litres) and Precipitation (mm).
  • 14 day calendar, 4 start times per program.
  • Loop program for propagation.
  • Run times in Hr : Min : Secs.
  • Exclusive HydroSector™ program for matched precipitation zones.
  • DataValves™ can be assigned to any station by keypad entry, Central Control software or SmartPhone/Tablet Apps.
  • DataNodes™ can be assigned to any program.
  • PumpNodes connect to the two-wire cable to activate pump-start relays.
  • Auxiliary pump for chemical/fertigation program.
  • Individual pumps can be assigned for each program.
  • Option to assign a secondary boost pump to selected stations.
  • 2 independent Frost programs.
  • Water flow and system electrical current draw displayed.
  • Flow deviation with SMS alert. Skips to next station, then shuts down program after third skip if the alert stays active.
  • Various programmable delays in programs to compensate for hydraulic anomalies. For example; slow closing valves, ramp-down of pumps and low or high pressure spikes.
  • Easy DIY repairs due to modular design of SDS plug-in boards.
  • Simple connectivity over SignalCloud. Control your irrigation over WiFi, 3G, 4G or Radio.
  • Supported by SignalCloud Web-Based Irrigation Central Control Software.
  • Free SDS-LINK Mobile App, available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Dimensions: H 179 x W 199 x L 106


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